Show timings: 10am - 6pm
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At the heart of the Indian Broadcast & Film industry lies a show that keeps the pulse racing.

The universe of broadcast and entertainment is an endless expanse of ever-increasing vistas of technological advancements; and what you usually witness is a mere glimpse of the infinite possibilities that await us. Just once a year however, The Broadcast India Show opens the floodgates and allows you to dive right in. Here you are exposed to the possibilities of exploring, experiencing and interacting with the flowing currents of innovation and creativity like never before. So it should be; after all this is the one show that has for over two and a half decades brought together the latest and the best in broadcast technology across categories from the world over.

Take a deep breath. Prepare to plunge into the deep recesses of what globally fuels broadcast and entertainment. Around you will be wonders from broadcast, film, audio, radio plus anything and everything to do with the new-age infotainment industry - from its content creation to its management and delivery.
Before your very eyes, you will see how this one show brings together companies and corporates, veterans and professionals, suppliers and customers, visionaries, stalwarts and other stakeholders from the industry to create a cross-current that will optimize opportunities, facilitate trade links and enable info-exchange on a global level. Last year, around 19000+ trade visitors and 550 participants from more
than 35 countries
gathered to connect with the future. This year, you too have the opportunity to either skim the surface of this dynamic platform as a visitor or plumb its depths as a participant. Either ways, a winner you will be for sure.

The Broadcast India Show 2016, in keeping with tradition, will also simultaneously host a 2-day conference as both a support and a complement to the show. Attracting slightly intense content, the Conference will bring together CEOs, directors and proprietors of companies to engineers, technicians and technologists to facilitate an extraordinary medley of technical presentations, product promotions and in-depth discussions.

organised bySAICOM